"When I started training with Sara I had the goal of becoming more toned,  losing fat and gaining more muscle. She helped me reach that goal by paying close attention to what weight and exercise worked best for me. She was very flexible with working with my schedule even when I could only workout early mornings. Within a few months I saw changes in my body which made me feel more confident. She is very passionate about health and exercise and it shows when she is working with you in the gym."
-Julie C.
1v1 Client

    "I started off at 185lbs and was pretty much stuck at that weight. I had lost a lot myself, but like always I hit a wall and at 37 years old it doesn't get and easier. Then I saw Sara's post on instagram that she was willing to help some people and I said to myself "why not". I sent Sara a message and she responded quickly. She had a meal plan and her awesome app to me in just a short period of time. The app is very easy to use and she pretty much puts a whole shopping list together for you so you're not wondering around the store for hours. I got started on a Monday and by Friday I was on a roll and was down to 181!! And was feeling great!! I felt like every time I was falling a little off track Sara was there to put me back on! She was just a text away to answer any question I may have had. At the end of my 4 weeks I was down to 173! Her plan is no joke! It gets you the results you are looking for, and taught me how to eat so that I can keep the weight off. Its been 2 weeks sense i came off the plan and I'm still at that 171-173 range...I would highly recommend her for any of your nutrition goals! I will definitely be calling her to set up another program for some muscle gains this winter!"

Damion H.

4wk Custom Meal Plan

"Training with Sara was such a game changer emotionally and physically. Sara helped me build my confidence and challenged me at every workout. Reaching goals I never imagined I would reach. Thank you Sara for helping me reach my goals!"
-Ana A.
1v1 Client

"I recently started training with Sara to strengthen and grow muscle. It has changed my lifestyle. At my age, I'm feeling so much more energetic and stronger after training. In just 3 months, my body has transformed into something that I'm finally starting to be happy with. I'm not stopping any time soon because I still have a goal to reach. But I'm on the right track. Ive met with other trainers but none that I've met give you the full attention, devotion and accountability like Sara. I was very hesitant to lift at the gym. I was intimated by the weights and the equipment. She has given me my confidence back and talk me to walk in there and knock out my workouts like a "bad ass"! I'm so grateful to her and her amazing workout and meal plans. You definitely have to put in the work but she is there to guide you every step and give you that push you need."

Leslie C.

1v1 Client

"Sara’s program is so easy to follow! You can look at your plans online or via app. I was blown away by the fact that she had a grocery list for me ready to go! Made everything so simple. She made sure to check in with me often to see how everything was going and if the meal plans needed adjusting. I can’t believe the change in 4weeks! I definitely recommend trying it out."

Tiffani N.

4wk Custom Meal Plan

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Sara is a kickass personal trainer not only does she push you to work hard she works at a pace your comfortable with for your own body! She makes you feel so confident when performing your workouts. Very professional and focused attitude and truly makes it a great overal experience in just a 2 week period of going to train with her 3 days a week I have seen tremendous results! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else if you are determined to get your health and body right!


Halley H.

1v1 Client