Working Out from Home

Today most of us are spoiled. We are used to using auto pay to conveniently pay for a gym membership where everything is handed to us. Various forma of equipment and some even come with pictures descriptions to tell us what to do! So what happens when the gyms are shut down? Was all that working out for nothing? Is there no possible way to keep working out?

Well there is! You don’t even need to have any equipment but your body. If you want to add weights and don’t have any available to you be creative. Use two of those gallons of bleach you have as weights, gallons of tea, pieces of wood, anything! If it has weight to it and you can “throw it around” a little bit it can be used. Take those 73857392 rolls of toilet paper you stocked up on and do some stacking Russian twists with them. Anything! Shoot, I’ve even squatted people before just to mimic the weight I use at the gym. Anything that can be done in a gym setting can be done at home, it maybe just take you to use your brain and make it happen!

Bodyweight exercises are great to! One way to get the most out of it is switching up the tempo. An example I give my clients is with squats. Instead on lowering down and coming straight back up slow it down. Lowering phase count 3....2....1...HOLD (2-3 seconds) then shoot back up. You can even add a jump into it for more burn! Also you can increase the reps into the 12-20 rep range. It’s all an adjustment, but you can do it!

So many different variations of exercises can be done from the comfort of your own home, that’s where the dedication comes in also. It’s easy to want to just scroll through your phone or watch back to back episodes on Netflix. Don’t let this time crush your goals (in a bad way) you should continue to strive for success!

Don’t have a treadmill? Take a walk outside! Not everything has to be done on a machine. Your body and brain are capable of so many thing! There are also tons of videos and posts out there to give many of ideas!

Stay consistent! Hard times are when youre put to the test the most!

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