Why am I not losing weight?!?

"I'm eating very healthy foods why am I not losing the weight?" Have you said this before?

If you have you're not alone. With so many misleading social media post/influencers out there they can make it seem like if you eat healthy and cut out junk food thats the golden key to fat loss. Well, not exactly.

Cutting out junk food is great! You're already one step ahead but, you can still over eat on healthy foods. Yes, even if you sit there like a rabbit and just eat spinach and carrots all day if the total calories end up being more then you burn you will not see the scale drop in weight.

The way to overcome this is to use my biggest weapon... Track your food!!! Its 2020 now there is almost no excuse. Most restaurants and even fast food chains have an "estimate" on the calories of different food/drink items. Even if for ONE DAY you track your food, every meal, bite, drink, everything just to see and I bet you will be surprised.

Ultimately if you want to lose body fat you need to less then you burn. If you want to maintain your current weight you need to eat equal to the calories you're burning. Lastly if you wish to gain weight, you got it you need to eat in a caloric surplus

Here is a simple formula to figure out there numbers

-Bodyweight (pounds) x 14*

the number can range from 12-16 but 14 is good to start

-Fat loss subtract 500

-Muscle Gain add 350

Example: If my body weight is 160, I would take 160 x 14 = 2,240 would be my maintence calories.

If I wanted to lose weight it would be 2,240-500=1,740

If I wanted to gain muscle mass it would be 2,240+350=2,590

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any question or a topic you want me to cover. Love you guys!

Disclaimer: Obviously this is an estimate because things like activity and muscle mass aren't factored in but it is a great place to start.

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