Sweating can help me lose weight?

Im sure a lot of you have heard you need to work up a good sweat to be able to have an effective workout. "Sweat out all those extra calories" they say. "If you're not sweating your not working hard enough." Whereas sweating during a workout really doesn't determine if it was a better lift then if you were to not sweat at all. I've had some of the best workouts of my life and didn't even break a sweat!

First of all what even is sweat? Sweat is when your body releases a type of water/salt mixture from your sweat glands to help your body regulate its temperature. So in easy terms your body is over heating and is trying to cool itself off. I know it can feel like you've had a better workout if you are drenched in sweat after, i know i do! Then again, do you also remember the times when its blazing hot outside and youre dripping in sweat just from sitting in your lawn chair? It doesn't mean your body is working harder (in every situation), just #overheating.

You don't want to use sweat to gauge whether you had a good workout or not. Were you focused? Did you hit your goal weights? Was the mind muscle connection there? Did you get stonger since your last lift? How is your form? Is your breathing under control? Are you keeping tension on the target muscle? Questions like these are great to reflect whether you has a good lift or not.

So Sara.....why is the scale lighter after I've sweat enough to fill a small childs pool? Isn't that proof that I'm losing the weight?

Well, yes and no. You've lost water weight, not actual body fat. The moment you drink some water and replenish your body you will be back to your actual weight. Your body needs to burn 3,500 calories just to lose 1lb. If it were that easy to just lose the weight by sweating I'm telling you people would be outside 24/7 just melting the fat away instead of busting their but in the gym and worrying about their diet. (the stuff that actually works)

Lastly, stay hydrated my friends. The more you sweat the more at risk you are for dehydration. Especially if you are all all day excessive sweater make sure you drink #WATER #WATER #WATER!! In serious cases dehydration can cause heatstroke, urinary and kidney problems, seizures and shock.

Signs of dehydration


-Peeing less often, darker color




-Dry Skin


-Rapid Heat Beat

-Rapid Breathing

So stay safe, stay strong and remember you need to put the work in to get the results. NO QUICK FIXES!!

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