Lose 20lbs in 7 days!

The quickest most efficient way to lose this amount of weight is to either

A. Cut off both legs

B. Cut off both arms

C. Cut off one of each

Im using this this as an experiment and an eye opener. I wanted to see how many people would “click” on this post. How many are drawn to the “quickness” of losing weight. The “easy way out”. I’ve posted many other articles with ways to help you lose weight, guides, cheat sheets and more but it seems like that’s not what most of you are looking for. You’re looking for fast and easy.

I hate to break it to you but those diets where you lose 7-10lbs your first week and 99.9% the same ones where you will gain all the weight back and then some. Some times the best most efficient way ISNT the easiest. Isn’t the fastest. You need to be patient.

You need to figure out your body first to be able to take control, and that takes time. A lot is trial and error. If you get everything on the first try that’s great, but don’t give up if you don’t.

When wanting to lose weight DONT go out searching for diets or “quick fixes”. You need a lifestyle change. Something you can learn, love and stick to. Something to teach you a long the way, create a good relationship with food and fitness.

Making the decision to start and make a change is already putting you on the right path. So stop looking to sprint right to the finish line. It’s a bumpy path filled with obstacles but you CAN overcome them.

I’m always available to help out along this new lifestyle whether you need help with nutrition or fitness, I will be there the whole way!

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