Is Keto the only way to lose weight?

For all you keto worshipers out there who swear that carbs are then enemy im here to burst your bubble. Carbs are not bad for you! Since this new "diet trend" popped up it has everyone thinking that carbs are the reason you are not losing the unwanted fat. As 1 of the 3 macronutrients (along with fats and proteins) they make up a well rounded, balanced diet. I once believed that this was the only way to go, that if i want to lose fat it was bacon and eggs for life but, thats not the case.

The reason you are losing fat so rapidly once you start "keto" is because you are cutting out an entire food group. These foods can include cakes, donuts, candy, bread, pasta and many more food that can be very high in calories but very dense so you tend to over eat them. Cutting food like that out can cause some people to save hundreds of calories a day! Then again its not the carbs, you were mindlessly eating them without noticing the effect they had on your total caloric intake. Also when eating carbs they tend to make some people hold more "water weight." This isn't fat, some of the carbs you consume are stored as glycogen in the body. Glycogen is then converted into energy when your body needs it (thus why most people have carbs before a workout). Molecules of glycogen contain water and therefore the more glycogen stores you have the more water you will retain.

Eating "keto" I wouldnt say is the worst thing in the world but there are some who take it to the extreme and cut out anything that has a carb in it. These foods would be fruits and vegetables which supply you with the micronutrients your body needs. Eating high fatty foods and to much protein can have negative effects on your body. Some negative effects of a high fat diet are, insulin resistance, bacterial toxin release, blood clots, artery damage, heart attacks, reduced testosterone, an raising your LDL levels which is the "bad" cholesterol. None of that sounds to appealing now does it? Ive personally made better progress in the gym and muscle gains since i added carbs back into my diet. You don't need to fear them!

Also depending on your body type (see previous post) that can help you determine the correct macro ratio that best suits your body. Everything is trial and error, you won't always get everything on the first try! Don't give up!

Here is a little cheat sheet!!


Carbs Protein Fats

60% 30% 10%


Carbs Protein Fats

50% 30% 20%


Carbs Protein Fats

40% 30% 30%

Keep in mind carbs are not the enemy and the only way to lose fat is to stay in a caloric defect! Don't let the advertisements all over fool you. There is no special diet of secret foods out there, it is all in the total amount of calories. I hope this helps!

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