Genetics make me fat

I bet you’re always wondering why you gain the majority of your weight in certain areas. Whether is your lower stomach, love handles, arms, legs and even your face we all have the same problem. This is mostly due to your #genetics.

Genetics can determine alot about a person. Blue eyes, blonde hair, short, tall, and even where you carry extra weight. There unfortunately nothing you can do to change that BUT, That doesn’t mean your destined to carry it for life.

Did you know if you carry a large amount of excess fat around your midsection you have a higher risk of medical complications? Fat that’s is stored in the belly area sits around vital organs such as your kidney and heart. Have you ever sat back and thought of it that way? Your genes can also determine if you have hereditary diseases but wouldn’t you want to prevent that or make the probability less likely? More than 1/3 of Americans are obese and 2/3 are considered obese/overweight. That’s a lot of lives! Also obesity has more than tripled in children in the US. Majority of these outcomes are due to poor lifestyle choices. You are in control of everything that you eat/drink, and for a short period even your children. Reading labels, avoiding sugary drinks and highly processed fast foods are a great place to start.

You said it’s genetics so if I’m overweight I’m destined to be like that no matter what right?

NOOO!! Your genes may determine where you store most of your fat but your lifestyle choices determine why you gain the weight.


Stop looking yourself in the mirror and saying “my entire family is overweight so thats the reason I am.“ Take some responsibility for you actions and realize it all in you! A healthy lifestyle can overcome that! You do not have to continue the trend. Given certain genes they can increase your likelihood of being overweight. They can make it harder. The question is are you going to let them win? Are you going to let them determine your future and how you want to live? Or are you going to stand up and fight back. It will be harder than someone with different genes then you. Don’t get discouraged, take control of YOUR LIFE. Don’t fall into the same cycle.

A great place to start is determining your specific body type.


-hard to gain weight


-lose/gain weight easily, gain muscle fast


-gain weight very easy

Once you’ve figured out your body time it will be a lot easier to determine the macronutrient ratios that will make up your daily caloric intake for your goal.

If you want to determine your daily calories for your specific goal follow this link 👇🏻

**Part 2 coming Tuesday Feb 11th more in depth on the body types & if you can spot reduce fat**

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