Body Types & Spot Reducing Fat

Not everyone has the same body type which would explain why some people may have a hard time gaining which would be super easy for someone else. In my previous post I went over a little bit about how genetics play a role in your fitness journey and different body types. I’m just going to go In a little deeper on each type and tell you the best thing to do for each type.

First is an Ectomorph.

You are an ectomorph if it is hard for you to gain weight/muscle. You’re probably wondering why, aren’t you? Ectomorphs have a very fast metabolism and are able to burn off fat easily. To be able to “bulk up” you would need to do more compound lifts in your workouts and keep cardio to an absolute minimum. Compound movement are great because they incorporate more muscles which give a greater hormonal boost to help build muscle.

DO: compound moves, eat enough protein, incorporate isolation exercises as finishers

DONT: be a cardio bunny, only do isolation moves, slack on the weight you need to challenge your body

Second is an Endomorph.

You are an endomorph if you have a high amount of stored fat and trouble losing it. As per my last post we know now that genetics and play a large role, 70% in this case, where your fat is store and if it’s easier for you to gain weight. (See previous post “Genetics make me fat“ on how to overcome that) Hereditary factors are something we have no control over. Ditch going to the gym and spending hours on the treadmill! The best option for this body type is weight training. What’s great about weight training is once you have completed a workout you will continue to burn calories AND the calories you consume during the recovery period will help your muscle grow instead of your gut.

DO: train with intensity, lower carb intake, hypertrophy training

DONT: do endless ab workout, run for hours, starve yourself (1200 calorie diet 👎🏻)

This is a Mesomorph.

You are a mesomorph if it’s easy for you to build muscle and you don’t really store body fat. Mesomorphs look well built without even needing to step a foot into the gym. They basically hit the body type jackpot. On the flip side people with this body type tend to Not train to their full potential and eat whatever they want. It may not be effecting your physical appearance but it can mess up your insides. A healthy balanced diet is always best! Your body is only going to preform as well if the foods you fuel it with.

DO: train like an athlete, set goals for yourself to complete

DONT: take your body for granted, eat like a jerk

Now that we’ve covered each body type more in depth it’s time to address the most frequent questions I get asked.....

”I do 100 crunches a day where are my abs?”

”I do abs everyday why is fat still around my stomach?”

”Can I train abs everyday? I’m trying to lose weight.”

”Why don’t we do more ab workouts? I told you I’m trying to shrink my stomach!!!”


You can’t pick where you lose body fat. Doing countless ab exercises won’t make you lose weight around that area. Yes they will strengthen your core, which is great! What will lose the weight and get more defined is lowering your body fat %.

Social media has become so misleading with videos labeled “target back fat” or “target love handles” its terrible. Stop falling into those “hopeless” scams. I call them that because once’s you’ve been doing those workouts and the fat is still there you get a feeling of hopelessness and want to give up. You can not target to lose fat anywhere. Just like your genetics determine where you store the fat it all determines where you lose it first. For example, when I gain weight I always gain it in my face first and that’s also the last place I lose it. Do you think I choose that?!?! Shoot if I had any say I would gain it all in my booty and never lose it 😂.

Dedicate yourself to getting results. Put in the work and you will reach your goal. Greatness takes time and you will be so happy you stuck with it!

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